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In my experience, with a fully functioning alternator (which charges the battery as you drive), it can be many years before a battery needs changed. I've worked in the auto industry for about 10 years and it seems that the average length of time that a battery should last is about 4 years.

How often should Ichange my car battery?
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How much does it cost to replace a car battery? Not having a fully functional key fob can lead to a lot of frustration and stress. It may be time for a [**car battery.

Deciding whether to keep or replace your car can be tough, but if you weigh the pros and cons, it will make things easier.

Your car won't run with a dead battery. One report says that some car owners think of their cars like cell phones. At times overloading the battery with functions reduces the useful life. Most of us judge a car based on its engine capacity, its fuel efficiency, its size or the level of comfort it offers. Your car won't run with a dead battery. But what are normal conditions? Correspondingly, how often should ignition coils be replaced? The battery on an electric car is a proven technology that will last for many years. A dead car battery can turn your schedule upside down. That's because the battery in a hybrid vehicle isn't like the one in a traditional car, and it can't be replaced for $75 at the local auto parts store. A low battery warning light is often one of the first signs of alternator trouble. When stored properly, a detached car battery can last up to six months. These people are quite happy to make a car payment month after month as long as they can change cars frequently. Like new batteries, the key to making it last is to recharge it regularly. There are a number of factors that can lead to this part become damaged prematurely. If your battery is more than four or f. It's not difficult to learn how to charge a car battery, especially if you know how to use a car battery charger.this guide will teach you how to charge a car battery, how to use jumper cables and other things. No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, the battery won't last forever. How often should you change your windshield wiper blades? Driving more often and charging your battery will extend the battery's life. Instead, a failed hybrid car battery can cost thousands of dollars to replace, and that can be a big deal to a shopper who bought a hybrid to save money. Nissan warrants that its electric car batteries will last eight years or 100,000 miles , for example and tesla offers a similar guarantee. A key fob battery will usually last around three to four years before it will need to be replaced. On average, car batteries last for three years with normal care and maintenance. How often would you recommend changing your car battery? On average, a car battery lasts from 5 to 7 years. I live in florida where it is very hot where i do lots of stop and go city driving. Luckily, changing the old one out for a new one is pretty straightforward. When should a battery be replaced so it doesn't let you down? Battery terminals corrode over time but keeping them clean from buildup is a great way to extend the life of your car battery. Test your battery's output voltage level with a car battery tester to keep track of how well you're maintaining it and if you're due for a new one.